Generation 3 diagnostic function

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Generation 3 diagnostic function

Postby Ken Fraser » Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:35 am

Generation 3 diagnostic function and ES (AE Australian ) error code 44
Aka stepper motor reset

Thought I'd share my post for those interested
This procedure will not work on the new Generation 4's, ya basically buggered..... dealer time

Let me know how you go, I'll edit this post. Can't walk to the bike at the moment.

Error codes and diagnostic code are different, don't use those words loosely.
On the ES aka AE, have your suspension set as solo rider, if possible.

1: Accessing the diagnostics, error codes.

Place your FJR on the centre stand, in neutral, side stand up. This will let you test the side stand switch.

With the ignition off and the Engine Run switch off, press and hold the "TCS" and "Reset" buttons together simultaneously and turn the ignition on, just ON, continue to hold the buttons until the display.

The first screen will be the ECU / SCU ( Suspension Control Unit) display.

Press "TCS" to increment the diAG sequence number and press "Reset" to decrement the diAG sequence number

For example:
The two digits at the bottom of the ECU display is the value for the diagnostic code number.
Diagnostic Code dI:01 lets you look at the throttle position sensor, TPS output, same on all the generations.
The TPS value is the two digits at the bottom of the display. Turning the actual throttle slowly will change the bottom two digits.

Normal is 15-17 with the throttle fully closed and 97 to 100 with the throttle fully opened.

2: Access error code 44

Toggle via the "TCS" up or "Reset" down buttons to access the SCU screen, press and hold both “TCS” and Reset” once again simultaneously to gain the SCU diagnostics.

3: Reset the stepper motors

The bike must be on the centre stand and battery fully charged, engine switch in the off position.

Go to diagnostic code 84,
Press and hold both “TCS” and Reset” once again simultaneously to start the stepper calibration.

Multiple attempts will bring up another error.

Wait 5 minutes before you do anything else, then turn off ignition and see what happens.

4: Reset error codes

Go to diagnostic code 62 and press “TCS” and Reset” once again simultaneously for 2 seconds.
No error codes on diagnostic 61 or diagnostic 62 should remain.

Good luck

Time to buy a manual.
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