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RE: Gen3 plugs

Postby Ken Fraser » Thu Mar 30, 2017 5:17 pm

NO. Hi *****
Try and find and read my post.
Basically I rang technical support and talked to the gent for 1/2 a hour.

Basically he said it was absolutely fine, The OEM are only available in Japan and cost a LOT
That extra insulation is only Nothing. lol lol.

The standard CR8 EIX are perfectly fine as Bernie found out the service after they were install by Yamahahaha, he didn't know.

So ask the dealer what plug he used, catch him out :twisted:
I’ll find my link and add it to this post, not a problem.

Cheers Mate, always welcomed to ring details in members area.

This was a mistake so the OP Aid it was fine to leave on the main board.
So I modified the to suit, content is the same.
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